Sunday mornings

Kids Cafe Connection - 9:15 am

While parents are attending Community Groups, we've got something for the kids too! Meet up at our Kids Cafe, where kids have a chance to hang out, play games and review Bible lessons from the week before.

Children's Church- 10:30 am

Kids can have fun as we teach what it means to worship Jesus together! We sing worship songs, play games and do a weekly Bible lesson. Classes are split into age appropriate groups so that everyone has a chance to learn!

If you or your child are not feeling well, we kindly ask that you stay home until symptoms resolve. For more information, check out our guidelines for sickness.

sickness guidelines

When it comes to security, we want parents to feel safe and comfortable while their children are in our care.

Here is a list of security measures we take to keep your children safe:

googleplayWe employ a security tag system, to limit who can enter the kids area, and to make sure kids are transferred from safe adult to safe adult. How it works:

     -As you enter our Kids section,  you will be greeted at our check in desk. Upon your first visit, you will need to register your children. For every subsequent visit, you will only have to check them in.

     -After checking in your child, they will be given a name tag with a number.  You will put this sticker on them. They will get a new sticker each time you visit.

      -You, as their guardian, will also receive a "receipt" sticker with the same number.  Once you have your stickers, you will be allowed to enter the Kids' classroom area to drop off your child.

     -When you return for your child after the service, you will need to have your sticker with you before you may enter the Kids' area. This is required in order to pick up your child. We do this to help us ensure that only those with permission can enter and pick up your child.

googleplayEvery Children's Ministry paid worker and volunteer must pass a background check before they can serve.

googleplayOur paid workers receive CPR and First Aid Care training. Many volunteers have also completed this training.

googleplayOnly paid nursery and preschool workers who have completed training have permission to change diapers.

googleplayAll our children's areas are secured and can only be accessed through the check-in area.

Your child's safety is important to us. If you have any additional questions or concerns, we would love to hear from you!

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